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Event: Evolving the Design Palette for the Web, 9/18

At the heart of it, the Adobe Web Platform team is an engineering organization. We address problems designers have when they bring their ideas to the web. We’re keenly interested in areas where designers have had to compromise their ideas due to limitations of the web platform. This informs the new work we take on and existing work we’re doing.

Next week, we’re hosting a special event to engage designers, begin to understand their design limitations and start the process of working together to solve them. We’re pleased to have a guest speaker Michael Janiak, Creative Director at Fluid. Following Michael’s talk will be drinks, a DJ, and casual conversations about evolving the web together.

If you’re a designer and will be in San Francisco, please join us on September 18 at the 111 Minna Gallery. Space is limited, so register now:

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