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Today we’re proud to announce the launch of a new team website:

The site provides a new view into the team’s wide range of projects. We lay out a welcome mat to draw visitors into each project, then lead them to more detailed information, like what we share in blog posts.

Our mission is to create a more expressive web. With this new site, we want to connect new forms of expression with their enabling technology in a way that speaks to all web creatives. By putting design use cases front and center, we hope to feed a discussion that includes designers, developers, standards gurus, browser implementors and casual creators of apps and websites.

Like teams everywhere, we do a lot of research and project work that mutates into something totally different, or gets abandoned for other, more valuable, efforts. These are valuable lessons, which we will increasingly share on both the website and this blog. Feedback on what we’re not doing can be just as valuable as feedback on what we are doing!

Thanks for joining us on this next experiment. We’re excited to hear your responses and suggestions. Post your thoughts on the new website in the comments below or on Twitter: @adobeweb.

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