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Evolving the Design Palette for the Web: Event Recap

On September 18, the Adobe Web Platform team held a great event at the 111 Minna Gallery in SF. We called the event Evolving the Design Palette for the Web and invited designers from all over the Bay Area.

We were lucky to start the evening with a fantastic guest speaker, Michael Janiak, Creative Director at Fluid. Michael ignited the crowd with his talk on the current state of designing for the web (see his slides here). He noted that the first 25 years of the web were technology-driven and now the next 25 years will be expression-driven. In other words, the way the web evolves will be determined by creative aspirations of designers, not developers. His talk ended with a Call to Action for designers stop compromising on their creativity, engage with teams like ours at Adobe, and more generally, have their voices be heard within the open web community.

Michael’s talk was followed by drinks & a DJ and a lot of mingling where we met a lot of designers and started to learn about the challenges they face. While our team had many conversations that evening, some of our key takeaways were:

  • Designers are frustrated and feel disenfranchised
  • Animations on the web are very difficult
  • Fonts & text rendering and layout is a challenge on the web
  • Faster execution is often a limiting factor, not necessarily whether something is technologically possible
  • Designers rely heavily on tools and look to them to help solve difficult problems

We’ll to continue to engage the great group of people we met that evening and with the broader design community. We are doing this to inform the current and future work we’re doing, and to advocate for designers who are compromising when bringing their creative ideas to the web. If you’re a designer who is as passionate as you are frustrated with the web today, let us know what challenges you face! Feel free to mail us directly at

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