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Adobe Web Platform at HTML5DevConf

This past week the Web Platform team went on the road (all 1.4 miles of it) to HTML5 Dev Conf, a gathering of people from many different backgrounds coming together to discuss all things web. Popular topics included new features in the web platform, effectively delivering content across devices, and reimagining the internet of the future. Our team gave two presentations at the conference, one on icons on the web, and one on CSS Shapes, a method of customizing how inline content wraps around floats.

Icons and the Web

Icon Markup Example

Bear Travis discussed why icons are important, and some things to keep in mind when designing, authoring, and packaging them for the web. He covered several different methods of using icons, including fonts, sprite sheets, stacks, symbols and raster and vector images.

His slides are posted on github.

Freeing the Floats of the Future from the Tyranny of the Rectangle

CSS Shapes Example

Bem Jones-Bey gave an introductory talk on CSS Shapes. CSS Shapes specifies a series of properties that customize the wrapping edge of a float, allowing inline content to follow contours much more interesting than those of a simple rectangle. Bem discussed the various CSS properties, what they do, and more importantly, what effects can be achieved by using them.

His slides are posted on github.

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