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Easy Drop Caps in Dreamweaver

A few months ago, we released dropcap.js, a JavaScript library to make it easy to create drop caps that are beautiful and well aligned with your content. We blogged about the challenges involved in achieving the right results in CSS as well as how dropcap.js and future browser features will help. Our friends on the Dreamweaver... Continue reading →

Make responsive masks for CSS Shapes using Mac Preview App

Chrome, Opera, and Safari have already shipped CSS Shapes, and we’ve made a CSS Shapes polyfill available for browsers that don’t have the feature yet. For regular shapes and arbitrary polygons, there’s support in Brackets and Chrome’s web inspector. Now that there’s support, how about creating CSS Shapes with images? Rebecca Hauck wrote an article... Continue reading →

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Adobe Web Platform at HTML5DevConf

This past week the Web Platform team went on the road (all 1.4 miles of it) to HTML5 Dev Conf, a gathering of people from many different backgrounds coming together to discuss all things web. Popular topics included new features in the web platform, effectively delivering content across devices, and reimagining the internet of the... Continue reading →

CSS Regions: Moving further with iOS8

On September 17th 2014, Apple released iOS8 which included the new Safari 8, featuring improved support for CSS Regions. We take this opportunity to highlight the most important changes from the previous version: Correct painting of content overflowing the region chain We completely redesigned the way overflowing content is displayed in regions. Starting with Safari... Continue reading →

Blending HTML elements in Safari and Firefox

In June 2014 at the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced that Safari 8 would ship with support for CSS Blending. With the recent release of iOS 8, you can now use blend modes on your Apple mobile devices! OS X Mavericks users who update Safari to version 7.1 can also start experimenting with this new feature. And this... Continue reading →

Event: Evolving the Design Palette for the Web, 9/18

At the heart of it, the Adobe Web Platform team is an engineering organization. We address problems designers have when they bring their ideas to the web. We’re keenly interested in areas where designers have had to compromise their ideas due to limitations of the web platform. This informs the new work we take on... Continue reading →

CSS Shapes Editor for Chrome

With the release of Chrome 37, CSS Shapes are enabled by default for everyone to use. To make it easier for you to work with the new feature, there is now a CSS Shapes Editor for Chrome. This Developer Tools extension adds an interactive editor for shapes right in the browser. Learn more about it and watch a... Continue reading →