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Creating an Installed Application Experience on Mobile With Web Technologies

Adobe’s Web Platform team recently showcased a prototype demonstrating the future of digital layout on the web using content provided to us by National Geographic. Although the experience is fully responsive (meaning it adapts to screens of all sizes), we decided to push things a little further by creating an entirely new — and much... Continue reading →

Explore LA through the prism of custom filters

  The Adobe Web Platform team recently partnered with two talented contractors (Edan Kwan and David Vale) to build a mobile application that showcases one of the features the team has been implementing in WebKit and Blink. The application is modeled after a travel app – with the addition of some really cool CSS Custom... Continue reading →

Adobe Explores the Future of Responsive Digital Layout with National Geographic Content

Update (5/21/13): To see the mobile prototype, check out Creating an Installed Application Experience on Mobile With Web Technologies. National Geographic partnered with Adobe, sharing select content for Adobe’s use to experiment with digital layout. The results mark the beginning of a technical and design collaboration that will look at innovating around layout while responding... Continue reading →

All blend modes for CSS fragment shaders have landed

Thanks to the great work by Max Vujovic, Michelangelo de Simone and others on the Adobe Web Platform team, all blend modes for CSS fragment shaders have landed in the latest versions of Chrome Canary (with the CSS Shaders flag turned on) and Safari WebKit Nightly builds. Max has a blog post up on his personal site with... Continue reading →

“The Making of CSSFilterLab” at W3Conf 2013

I had the honor to speak at the W3Conf 2013 last week. My talk was about a fork of CSS FilterLab that I’ve been working on recently. The project is written entirely in JavaScript, CSS and HTML and targets mobile devices with touch based interfaces. In order to work with all the touch API, I... Continue reading →

A look into Custom Filters reference implementation

Over the past two years, my team in Adobe has been actively working on the CSS Custom Filters specification (formerly CSS Shaders), which is just one part of the greater CSS Filters specification. Alongside the spec work, we have been working on the CSS Custom Filters WebKit implementation, so I’ve decided to write this blog... Continue reading →

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CSS FilterLab + Grunt.js = Love

A couple of weeks ago we released a new tool called CSS FilterLab. Web designers can quickly learn the syntax of the new CSS Filters specification by using the tool’s drag-and-drop interface. Moreover, the built-in filters showcased in the tool are already supported in stable browsers such as Safari 6 and Chrome, meaning that developers... Continue reading →