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Test the Web Forward Shenzhen Recap

On November 9, 2013, the eighth major Test the Web Forward event was held in Shenzhen, China. The primary goals of this event was to raise awareness of the crucial need for tests, to educate newcomers on the test creation and submission processes, and to cultivate a community of Open Web Platform contributors beyond the... Continue reading →

Test the Web Forward: Now Part of the W3C

With the exponential growth of the Web and rapid adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 over the past several years, interoperability across all browsers is now more important than ever. The best way to ensure interoperability is with rich and thorough test suites developed by the community and shared by the community. Recognizing this, the Adobe... Continue reading →

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Test the Web Forward Shanghai

We’re pleased to report that the seventh Test the Web Forward on Augest 17 & 18 has wrapped up successfully. The Shanghai development community is very passionate about the Web as the event attracted nearly 350 web developers on the first day and 150 on the second day. By the end of the event, 1003... Continue reading →

Upcoming: Test the Web Forward Shanghai

Test the Web Forward is returning to China this weekend, stopping in Shanghai on August 17-18. Adobe has partnered with Baidu in planning this event and they’ve lined up dozens of qualified experts and speakers to educate and support the attendees. The event will kick off with a Welcome and Introduction from Alex Zheng, VP... Continue reading →

Test the Web Forward Monthly Newslettter

We’re pleased to announce the beginning of a Test the Web Forward newsletter series where we’ll give updates on upcoming events, recaps of past events, W3C testing news, and ways to get involved. To receive this newsletter, subscribe to the mailing list: (click the link to subscribe) In addition to receiving the newsletter, subscribing... Continue reading →

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Test the Web Forward Tokyo!

On the first anniversary of Test the Web Forward, we were thrilled that our Tokyo event on June 7 & 8 was a tremendous success. This is further proof that the movement has caught on globally. Early on, we were amazed by the fact that registration filled up in just 12 hours and hoped that... Continue reading →

Upcoming: Test the Web Forward Tokyo

Its been almost one year since Adobe hosted the very first Test the Web Forward event! We’ll be celebrating its anniversary in Tokyo later this week, where we’ll be joining Google in hosting our sixth event.  In the past year, we’ve seen the movement grow with incredible enthusiasm and support from all over the world.... Continue reading →

Testing performance in CEF

Adobe is committed to creating the best tools and services to help you use the web effectively. Whenever possible, we use the web platform itself to build these tools and services. For instance, Edge Code and Edge Reflow are built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). CEF is... Continue reading →

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Test the Web Forward Seattle Recap

We were pleased to attend the fifth successful Test the Web Forward on April 12-13, held this time in the Pacific Northwest. The event took place at Microsoft’s Seattle office, graciously hosted by the Internet Explorer Developer Relations team. Experts, web developers, students and other newcomers came together and wrote over 500 tests on a... Continue reading →

Building a Better Web Through Crowd Sourcing

In case you hadn’t heard, the SFHTML5 Meetup group will be hosting a meetup on April 25th 2013 focused on making the Web better via crowd sourcing testing. Rebecca Hauck will talk to us about Test the Web Forward a community-based grass roots movement with the goal of improving the quality of the Web by fostering... Continue reading →