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Together for a better Web – Adobe and Igalia

For the past two years, the Adobe Web Platform team proposed a number of features to the Web: Regions, Shapes, Custom Filters and lately, Blend Modes. Our team contributed to the implementation of these features in WebKit, Blink and Gecko, with steady help from the communities behind these browser engines.  Today, we are pleased to announce... Continue reading →

How to Make a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Sometimes when you add two foods together, you get something exceptionally delicious. And sometimes when you add two CSS features together, you get something exceptionally useful. CSS Exclusions and Shapes will be one of those exceptionally useful combinations, particularly with new layout systems being designed like CSS Grid Layout. But while recipes can start from... Continue reading →

Adobe Explores the Future of Responsive Digital Layout with National Geographic Content

Update (5/21/13): To see the mobile prototype, check out Creating an Installed Application Experience on Mobile With Web Technologies. National Geographic partnered with Adobe, sharing select content for Adobe’s use to experiment with digital layout. The results mark the beginning of a technical and design collaboration that will look at innovating around layout while responding... Continue reading →

Discontinuing CSS Localizations

Accessibility is very important for us at Adobe. We are involved in different boards and committees to make the web more awesome but also more accessible. Yesterday we announced to work on a new specification called CSS Localization. The idea was to get rid of the language barrier on web technologies starting with CSS. Web... Continue reading →

CSS Localization

Background The Adobe Web Platform team is quite multilingual – we have native speakers of Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian and Tamil included in the team. So we find it particularly taxing for everyone to have to code entirely in English. We have a new proposal for the CSS... Continue reading →

Welcoming Sylvain, Alexis & Julee to our team!

Recently we have had 3 new additions to our team! Please welcome Sylvain, Alexis & Julee to our team! Sylvain Galineau Sylvain is not just new to our team but also to Adobe! Sylvain previously worked at Microsoft, & is a connoisseur of fine wine & food. He is French after all. Alexis Deveria Alexis has... Continue reading →

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Building a Better Web Through Crowd Sourcing

In case you hadn’t heard, the SFHTML5 Meetup group will be hosting a meetup on April 25th 2013 focused on making the Web better via crowd sourcing testing. Rebecca Hauck will talk to us about Test the Web Forward a community-based grass roots movement with the goal of improving the quality of the Web by fostering... Continue reading →

Test the Web Forward Seattle!

Come Join Us! Test the Web Forward is throwing an event in Seattle on April 12–13. The focus of this event is on learning, hacking, and writing tests for W3C specifications. During the event, experts will teach you about W3C specs & W3C testing and will guide you as you help make the Web a... Continue reading →

Implementing canvas paths

Last week we posted an article about revised canvas paths. Dirk Schulze started implementing the first part of this proposal. So far, he implemented most of the ‘Path’ object which is also described in the W3C canvas spec. He also added some handy accessor methods that we will try to add to the spec. Check it out... Continue reading →

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Test The Web Forward Sydney!

Mark your calendars! Test the Web Forward is bringing W3C testing goodness to Sydney, Australia on February 8th and 9th, 2013. The Sydney Test the Web Forward event is the latest event in a movement that focuses on learning, hacking, and writing tests for W3C specifications.  During the event, experts will teach you about W3C... Continue reading →