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CSS Localization

Background The Adobe Web Platform team is quite multilingual – we have native speakers of Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian and Tamil included in the team. So we find it particularly taxing for everyone to have to code entirely in English. We have a new proposal for the CSS... Continue reading →

Building a Better Web Through Crowd Sourcing

In case you hadn’t heard, the SFHTML5 Meetup group will be hosting a meetup on April 25th 2013 focused on making the Web better via crowd sourcing testing. Rebecca Hauck will talk to us about Test the Web Forward a community-based grass roots movement with the goal of improving the quality of the Web by fostering... Continue reading →

Implementing canvas paths

Last week we posted an article about revised canvas paths. Dirk Schulze started implementing the first part of this proposal. So far, he implemented most of the ‘Path’ object which is also described in the W3C canvas spec. He also added some handy accessor methods that we will try to add to the spec. Check it out... Continue reading →

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Test The Web Forward Sydney!

Mark your calendars! Test the Web Forward is bringing W3C testing goodness to Sydney, Australia on February 8th and 9th, 2013. The Sydney Test the Web Forward event is the latest event in a movement that focuses on learning, hacking, and writing tests for W3C specifications.  During the event, experts will teach you about W3C... Continue reading →

Join us in making the web better!

Our team is working on expanding the edges of the web to provide features that web technology creators need. But we need help! Join us as we provide these new features so that web creators can take advantage of them to create beautiful content for the web. (And that is Max Vujovic from our team... Continue reading →

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Making of The Graphical Web

The Quest for the Graphical Web is an experimental interactive presentation that tells a brief story of how the web is improving visually. The presentation itself is built with the same features described in the story: CSS, Canvas, SVG, WebGL, Custom Filters and more. You can now watch the “making of” video of The Quest... Continue reading →

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Webplatform.org DocSprint!

On 3rd November, we held the first ever Web Platform DocSprint at Adobe in San Francisco. It was a joint effort by Adobe, the San Francisco HTML5 User Group, and Google. We had a great and very productive day resulting in 34 brand new contributors to the effort. We made over 800 changes to the... Continue reading →

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Q: What’s one of the biggest things missing from the web?

A: Documentation. Or at least it was. Today, Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, and the W3C are announcing Web Platform Docs (WPD) on webplatform.org. The goal of WPD is to become the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for web technologies on the planet. And since we want everyone to contribute, WPD... Continue reading →

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